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The Journey Here!

Get to know who I am, where I am from and what my goals are for this journey that I am bringing you with me on.

My name is Rose Isabell Salbu Gjervik and I am from an island in Norway called Osterøy. I am 20 years old and have had a creative side to me for as long as I can remember.

This is my drawing which I think illustrates me. I love being creative with make-up & of course, I had to include the roses because of my name.

As mentioned, I am a very creative person who loves to interpret new ideas through art and design. I really enjoy spending my time drawing on my drawing tablet and painting. Along with art, I love going out in the nature for ideas and inspiration. I live very close to hiking trails which gives me unique opportunities to go hiking with friends and my 3 chihuahuas.

I have been a student at Noroff before and I got to learn quite alot about website development (Front-End). This was a very challenging but interesting journey that I went through and I do not regret any of it! I learned quite alot and I was able to understand what is behind the websites that we see almost every day. The reason to why I chose Graphic Design through Noroff is because I know that I was satisfied with the course I took earlier and Noroff teaches relevant stuff for their students. I was introduced to Noroff through an education exhibition when I was looking for places to study after I graduated.

My goal with this course is to be able to work as a Graphic Designer where I can do something fun but challenging that I can be creative in. After the course I want to be able still learn through working and people around me. But most importantly I want to create something unique that shares a message out to people!


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I enjoy drawing (alot), hikes, sports. I love animals, the environment, my friends and family!

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